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Step 1(if you dont have a paypal account)

Go to paypal then click sign up now then click personal account and the country that you live.Next enter the details and sign up.

Step 2

The 2nd thing you're going to have to do is join Paid-To-Promote.If you wish, please feel free to read through this page and then decide if you want to join (I'm sure you will).

Click here to join Paid-To-Promote

Step 3

When you login to Paid-To-Promote Program you will see on the left there are 4 codes categories: Promotion (your personal referal pages), Banner Plus (banners with extra stuff), Banner (traditional banners), and Other (layer ad, popup, that kinda thing).

If you are familiar with HTML programming then feel free to create your own page (or use your current site) and insert the codes inside the <*Head> <*/Head> section. This will accelerate the code loading when people see your page. Putting it between <*Body> <*/Body> section will make your ads load later than the page, giving you less money.

For those who have no idea how to create a webpage, you can choose to promote the Promotion Pages where you can find them in Promotion Codes Category (not recomended; read TOS carefully before doing this), or simply just copy and paste this page (the one that you are reading now) I don't mind as long as you remove the code for the counter at the bottom. To copy the source of this website, click your right mouse button and click "View Source", then simply copy the code you see into a text editor like notepad and save the file as 'filename.html'.

Replace my ad codes with yours (you can find it inside <*Head> section and under <*Title> section).

To make the most profit while being accepted to the majority of traffic exchanges, I suggest creating 3 different pages. Page 1: skyscraper+box ad+banner ad (indexnolayer.html). Page 2: skyscraper+box ad+banner ad+layer ad(index.html). Page 3: All-In-One ad (indexall.html)

Host your page with free web hosting. 50webs is a great host. A simple page like this would take forever to eat up your bandwidth allowance. Your banners are hosted on PTP's servers, so the only data being transferred is text! No need to pay for extra bandwidth anytime soon.When you are at the 50webs home page sign up and then log in.Go to add a website (virtual host) then make a virtual host I will use the example of "money" when you are done you will et a conformation e-mail. Then go to file manager and "" then choose the website that you made and upload it. Click on it to view it. That is the link that you have to promote.

Step 3

Now, this is the most important part for you to make money: promoting the page you've just created.

Considering that Paid-To-Promote will pay you regardless how many times the same people see your page in a day (in other words, no unique click necessary), then it is very important for you to find the traffic exchanges that can deliver the heavy daily hits to your site. Forget about the high traffic rank they have if they can only deliver 1000 hits in a day. You want more than that if you want to make real money. Remember, the more traffic exchanges you sign up for, the more hits you will recieve. Here is a list of some good Traffic exchanges

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You might ask. How do we get paid? The minimum payout is at $5 and can be made by Paypal, E-gold and wire transfer (minimum of $500)

You can request your money in anytime, but you will have to wait for 7 working days to ask again. In that 7 days your are paid. So you can be paid 4 times a month. (remember the 5 minumum payout)

Now that you have read through this whole page, will you sign up?